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Meet Joanna


Joanna got her love for travel from her mother. As a child, she would hear stories of her mom's adventures through Africa and Europe. She began traveling internationally as a child and spent time as a foreign exchange student and international volunteer. Now as a mother herself, she wants to pass on that same love for travel to her three daughters. Her happy place is by the ocean, getting "saltwater therapy". When she is not traveling, Joanna enjoys learning photography techniques, volunteering, and being a "cheer mom".

She feels extremely blessed to turn something she is so passionate about into a career. Whether someone wants to take an adventure trip through Africa, a historical trip through Europe, sail away on an amazing cruise, or just relax in the Caribbean on the beach, Joanna can organize that so you get to enjoy your time as stress-free as possible. 




ar·dent.   adjective

-enthusiastic or passionate-

We are so passionate about travel, and helping others with their own travel needs, it's the perfect description for us!

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